Category: Art

I was born to…

I was born to fulfill a purpose that s uniquely mine. despite what anyone has told me in the past, God has gifted me to fulfill that purpose……

my body my business

We counter sexism via creativity. Like this. “My body is my business. The moon is my witness” from Fearless Collective.

when is it over?

This life is a journey for every breathing being. Mine is not unique. Perhaps it is to some…

I am still bleeding

The pain goes on… Visit Charlotte’s gallery to see more.

Sincerely, Church folks

I’m not a cartoonist, but I’m enjoying making these lately. Putting images to these painful memories is cathartic.

Nevertheless he persisted

I was asked to do a male version. This is for my son, who loves to dance and should never be shamed for that.

Nevertheless she persisted

Ran out of space before I got to some of the ones I heard as an engineer and chemist.

someone I told no

The prompt for this project was to create some sort of map. I created a map of human touch on another humans body and it’s lasting impact.