my body my business

We counter sexism via creativity. Like this. “My body is my business. The moon is my witness” from Fearless Collective.

Please help!

Your words have power. Use them wisely.


This image traveled a long way to get where I found it. I *think* I have trace back the artist to the following location: Please visit the…

when is it over?

This life is a journey for every breathing being. Mine is not unique. Perhaps it is to some…

I am still bleeding

The pain goes on… Visit Charlotte’s gallery to see more.


the way it feels

Sometimes your mind and your heart both fail you but further, deeper down your gut/ core/ instinct *feels* what is true.

Sincerely, Church folks

I’m not a cartoonist, but I’m enjoying making these lately. Putting images to these painful memories is cathartic.

Some days are tough (Laundry for supper)

No one knows how much I struggle to get through the simplest tasks some days… Healing is tough.

I Survived